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FLEXERA Brand Story (BI : Brand Identity)

The name FLEXERA is a combination of FLEX (flexible, a characteristics of organic semiconductors) and ERA (meaning an ‘era’ distinguished from other eras by a specific character or event), and it contains the vision and aspirations of CLAP, which is leading the era of innovative organic semiconductors.

We create organic thin-film transistor (OTFT) circuits with world-class materials and innovative process technology (including original patents), and the name of our brand expresses the beginning of the era of true organic semiconductor application and our technological leadership in the field.

There have been great expectations in the organic semiconductor industry, not only in Korea but around the world, for the differentiation of device technology and applications to various fields.

FLEXERA Identity Design

FLEXERA's identity design, emphasizing the initial 'X' as a motif of flexibility and infinity and applying the three primary colors of light, symbolizes the concept of infinity extending to the world.

In addition, by rounding the corners of the sans serif font, flexibility and technical flexibility are expressed more rhythmically.

Design Motif

Flexibility, infinity, future value, organic semiconductor materials