Technology Transfer

CLAP provides sensor solutions based on organic semiconductor core materials, devices, and process technology.

In terms of industrialization (Business Platform) of organic semiconductor technology, we want to form a sensor industry cluster of OTFT (Organic Thin Film Transistor)-based technology. (The role of a hub to develop various complex sensors by building a kind of Open Sensor Fab) At the same time, the OTFT manufacturing process can be utilized through partial remodeling of existing TFT-LCD, Color Filter, and Film Touch production lines (idle lines), thereby creating new value. (Creating a collaborative business model)

From a social point of view, we expect to strengthen the competitiveness of the domestic Korean display industry by increasing the localization rate of material parts based on the original technology, provide an opportunity to create a win-win model, enhance world-class research capabilities through industry-academia-research collaboration, expand the employment of young people according to commercialization, and foster a talent pool for OTFT experts.